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3. Of Argos, an historian, who was, according to Suidas, younger than Plutarch. He therefore lived under Hadrian. He wrote a work on Greece in four books, containing the early history (ἀρχαιολογία) of Greece, and the history from the Persian wars to the death of Alexander and the taking of Athens by Antipater, the father of Cassander. His book Περὶ Κνίδου (Schol. ad Theocrit. 17.69), and that Περὶ Ῥόδου (see above), seem to have been parts of this work, and so was probably the book Περὶ τῶν Ἀλεξάνδρου ἱερὼν. (Ath. xiv. p. 620d; comp. Steph. Byz. s. vv. Ἀλεξανδρεία, Τῆλος; Vossius, de Hist. Graec., p. 264, ed. Westermann ; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. vi. p. 370.) Suidas also calls him a grammarian; and a grammarian Jason is quoted in the Etymologicum Magnum (p. 184, 27).

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