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Ἰνταφέρνης), one of the seven conspirators against the two Magi, who usurped the Persian throne upon the death of Cambyses. In the attack which the conspirators made against the Magi, Intaphernes lost an eye. He was shortly after put to death by Dareius in consequence of the following circumstances. Upon the accession of Dareius, the other conspirators had stipulated for free admission to the king at all times, with one exception; and when the royal servants upon a certain occasion refused Intaphernes admission to the king's person, he mutilated them, which raised the suspicion of the king that a plot had been formed against himself. Dareius accordingly sentenced Intaphernes and all his family to be put to death; but moved by the lamentations of his wife, the king allowed her to rescue one from death. She selected her brother, alleging, according to the well-known tale, that she might obtain another husband and other children, but, since her father and mother were dead, she could never have another brother. Dareius spared, in addition, the life of her eldest child, but killed all the other members of the family with Intaphernes. (Hdt. 3.70, 78, 118, 119.)

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