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Ἰωάννης), Literary and Ecclesiastical. The index to the Bibliotheca Graeca of Fabricius contains a list of about two hundred persons by whom this name was borne; and many more are recorded by the Byzantine historians, or noticed in the Bibliotheca Orientalis of Assemani, the Historia Litteraria of Cave, and the catalogues of MSS. by Montfaucon and others. Many of these persons are too obscure to require notice here, and information respecting them must be sought in the works above mentioned : others are better known by their surnames, as Joannes Chrysostomus, Joannes Damascenus, Joannes Xiphilinus, and Joannes Zonaras, and are given elsewhere. [CHRYSOSTOMUS, DAMASCENUS, &c.] The remainder we give here, with the references to those who are treated of under their surnames : --

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