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Joannes CHARAX

31. CHARAX (Χάραξ), a Greek grammarian of unknown date.


Treatise on Enclitics (Περὶ τῶν ἐγκλινομένων

Author of a little treatise on the Enclitics, commonly but erroneously entitled Περὶ τῶν ἐγκλινομένων.


It was first published in the collection of grammatical treatises entitled Thesaurus Cornucopiae et Horti Adonidis, printed by Aldus, fol. Venice, 1496. fo. 226, &c.: and was again given among the pieces subjoined to the Dictionarium Graecum, printed by Aldus, fol. Venice, 1524, and among those subjoined to that printed by Melchior Sessa and Petrus de Ravanis, fol. Venice, 1525.

Yet, notwithstanding these three editions, it is described in the catalogue of MSS. in the King's Library at Paris, as "ineditus" ; and was given, as if for the first time, by Iriarte in the Regiae Bibliothecae Matritensis Codices Graeci MSS. vol. i. p. 316, &c.

There is another treatise of Joannes Charax, De Othographia, extant in MS. Harles expresses his uncertainty whether the work printed by Aldus was the same as that given by Iriarte; but a comparison of the two shows their identity.

Περὶ διαλέκτων

Gesner suspects that the work Περὶ διαλέκτων, printed in the Thesaurus Cornucopiae of Aldus, and usually ascribed to Joannes Philoponus [PHILOPONUS], is by Joannes Charax.

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