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Joannes or Joannes Sapiens

48. CYPARISSIOTA (Κυπαρισσιώτης), surnamed SAPIENS or the WISE, an ecclesiastical writer, who lived in the latter half of the fourteenth century, not in the middle of the twelfth, as erroneously stated by Labbe in his Chronologia Brevis Ecclesiusticorum Scriptorum.


From indications in his own works they were, some of them at least, written after the year 1359. Cyparissiota was an opponent of Gregory Palamas [PALAMAS] and his followers (the believers in the light of Mount Thabor), and his principal publications had reference to that controversy.


His principal publications compose a series of five treatises; but only the first and fourth books of the first treatise of the series, Palamiticarum Transgressionum Libri IV, have been published.


They appeared, with a Latin version, in the Auctarium Novissimum of Combéfis (Pars ii. pp. 68-105), and the Latin version was given in the Bibliotheca Patrum (vol. xxi. p. 476, &c., ed. Lyon. 1677).

title lang="la">Expositio Materiarum eorum quue de Deo a Theologis dicuntur

Cyparissiota wrote also Ἔκθεσις στοιχειώδης ῥήσεων Θεολογικῶν, Expositio Materiarum eorum quue de Deo a Theologis dicuntur. The work is divided into a hundred chapters, which are arranged in ten Decades or portions of ten chapters each, from which arrangement the work is sometimes referred to by the simple title of Decades.


Latin Editions

A Latin version of it by Franciscus Turrianus was published at Rome in 4to, 1581; and was reprinted in the Bibliocheca Patrum (vol. 21.377, &c).

Further Information

Combéfis, Auctar. Novissim. pars ii. p. 105; Fabric. Bibl. Gr. vol. xi. p. 507; Cave, Hist. Litt. vol. ii. Appendix by Gery and Wharton, p. 65; Oudin, De Scriptoribus et Scriptis Ecclesiaslicis, vol. iii. col. 1062.

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