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Jose'phus, Tene'dius

Though this name occurs in the modern catalogues of Graeco-Roman jurists, the existence of such a jurist may well be doubted.


Πρόχειρον Βασιλικῶν κατὰ στοιχεῖον,

He is mentioned by Ant. Augustinus (in the commencement of his Constitutionum Graecarum Collectio, 8vo. Herdae, 1567) as a person to whom had been attributed the authorship of a Πρόχειρον Βασιλικῶν κατὰ στοιχεῖον, Prochiron incerti, ordine literarum, sive Josephi Tenedii. By this title, Suarez (Notit. Basil. § 8), P. Pithou (Observ. ad Codiccm, fol., Par., 1687, p. 43), and Francois Payen (Prodromus Justinianus, p. 539), understand Augustinus to designate the Synopsis Basilicorum Major; and accordingly P. Pithou and F. Payen make Josephus Tenedius the author of that work. This alphabetic Synopsis appears to have been first compiled about A. D. 969, and to have undergone considerable alterations in successive editions, which are extant in manuscript in various libraries. (Zachariae, Hist. Jur. Gr. Rom. Delin. § 39.)


A wretchedly mutilated edition, with a Latin translation (fol. Basil. 1575), was published by Leunclavius, who departs from the alphabetic order of the original, in an ill-considered attempt to re-arrange the materials it contains, according to the order of the Basilica. C. Labbaeus afterwards published Emendationes et Observationes ad Synopsim Basilicorum, 8vo. Paris, 1606.

Τὸ μικρὸν κατὰ στοιχεῖον or

The work which Ant. Augustinus really referred to, as probably composed by Josephus of Tenedos, was the Τὸ μικρὸν κατὰ στοιχεῖον (as it is called by Harmenopulus, § 49) or Synopsis Minor Basilicorum, which some have attributed to Docimus or Docimius [DOCIMUS]. It is from this work that the extracts are borrowed, which Augustinus, in his Paratitla on the Greek Constitutions, speaks of as taken from Tenedius.

What reason the very learned Augustinus may have had for attributing to Josephus Tenedius the authorship of the Synopsis Minor is now altogether unknown. Josephus Tenedius is inserted in the index of authors (p. 65) contained in the Glossarium ad Scriptores Mediae et Infimae Graecitatis of Ducange, where he is classed among anonymous Greek authors.

Further Information

Zachariae, Αἱ Ῥοπαί, p. 63; Mortreueil, Histoire du Droit Byzantin, pp. 450, 451.


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