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*)Isi/gonos), a Greek writer, who, according to Stephanus Byzantinus (s. v. Νικαία), was a native of Nicaea, and, according to Cyrillus (ad v. Julian. 3) of Cittium, though it is not improbable that in the latter passage Κιττιεύς may be only a false reading for Νικαεύς. The time at which he lived is uncertain, though Gellius (9.4) calls him an ancient writer of no small authority. Tzetzes (ad Lycoph. 1021) calls him an historian, but the only work he is known to have written bore the title Ἄπιστα, whence he is regarded as one of the class of writers called παραδοξογράφοι. (Tzetz. Chil. 7.144.) The fact that Pliny (Plin. Nat. 7.2) and Sotion used the work seems to show that lsigonus lived previous to the beginning of the Christian era. The work of Isigonus is lost, and the few fragments of it which have come down to us are collected in Westermann's Παραδοξογράφοι, pp. 162, 163.


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