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Leo'ntius PILATUS

23. PILATUS, or PYLATUS, a Greek of Thessalonica, and a disciple of Barlaam. Boccacio met hint at Venice and persuaded him to give up his intention of visiting Rome, and to go to Florence, where, through Boccacio's interest, he obtained the appointment of public teacher, with a salary. He was for some time (apparently for three years) the guest of Boccacio, to whom he gave private lessons in Homer. Boccacio has given a curious description of the person and manners of Leontius; he ascribes to him a thorough acquaintance with Greek literature, and an inexhaustible fund of information on Grecian history, mythology, and arts. He does not appear to have written anything; but Boccacio, in his Περὶ γενεαλογίας Deorum, has repeatedly cited the remarks which he had heard Leontius make. His wandering disposition led him to leave Florence; and his subsequent history appears to be unknown. (Boccacio, De Genealog. Deor. 15.6, 7.)

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