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2. A powerful king of Bosporus, whose reign lasted nearly forty years, from 393 to 353 B. C. He was the son of Satyrus, and the fifth king of the dynasty of the Archaeanactidae. He conquered Theodosia, at the siege of which his father had fallen. He was in close alliance with the Athenians, whom he supplied with corn in great abundance, and who, in return for his services, admitted him and his sons to the citizenship of Athens, and voted him three statues. Other incidents of his life, which are not of sufficient importance to be mentioned here, are related by the writers quoted. They all go to prove that he was a wise and powerful prince. (Diod. 14.93, 16.91, with Wesseling's notes; Dem. c. Leptin. pp. 466, 467; Strab. vii. p.310f.; Polyaen. 6.9; Athen. 6.257c.; Aelian, Ael. VH 6.13, with the note of Perizonius; Clinton, F. H. vol. ii. App. No. 13.)


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