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*Louki/llios. A poet of the Greek Anthology, who edited two books of epigrams. His name is often written Λούκιλλος in the MSS., but it appears from his 35th epigram that Λουκίλλιος is right.



In the Anthology one hundred and twenty-four epigrams are ascribed to him (Brunck, Anal. vol. ii. p. 317; Jacobs, Anth. Graec. vol. iii. p. 29) ; but of these, the Vatican MS. assigns the 118th to Lucian, and the 96th and 124th to Palladas. This authority, therefore, removes the foundation by for the inferences respecting the poet's date, which Lessing and Fabricius drew from the mention of the physician Magnus in the 124th epigram. But, on the other hand, the Vatican MS. assigns to Lucillius the 16th epigram of Ammianus, the 36th and 41st of Philip, the 108th anonymous, and the 23rd of Leonidas of Alexandria. From the last epigram (which is also far more in the style of Lucillius than of Leonidas), it appears that the poet lived under Nero, and that he received money from that emperor. Nearly all his epigrams are sportive, and many of them are aimed at the grammarians, who at that time abounded at Rome.

Further Information

Jacobs, Anth. Graec. vol. xiii. pp. 912, 913.


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