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1. A celebrated runner, a native of Laconia. He gained the victory at Olympia in the δόλιχος, and expired soon after. There was a monument to his memory on the banks of the Eurotas. In Arcadia, on one of the roads leading to Orchomenus, was a stadium, called the stadium of Ladas, where he used to practise. There was a famous statue of him by Myron, in the temple of Apollo Lycius at Argos, and another statue in the temple of Aphrodite Nicephorus. (Paus. 2.19.7, 3.21.1, 8.12.3.) His swiftness became proverbial among the Romans. (Catull. 1v. 25; Auctorad Herenn. iv. ; Juv. 13.97; Mart. 2.86. 8, 10.100. 5.)

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