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2. A native of Macedonia, who was a pupil of Quintus, in the former half of the second century after Christ (Galen, Comment. in Hippocr. " De Nat. Hom." 2.6, vol. xv. p. 136; De Muscul. Dissect. vol. xviii. pt. ii. p. 10000; De Libr. Propr. 100.2, vol. xix. p. 22), and who may perhaps be the person said by Galen (De Meth. Med. 2.7, vol. x. p. 143; Comment. in Hippocr. "De Humor." 1.7. vol. xvi. p. 82) to have belonged to the sect of the Empirici. Galen speaks of him as a contemporary, but says he was never personally acquainted with him. (De Anat. Admin. 4.10. vol. ii. p. 471.) He wrote some anatomical works, which are several times quoted and alluded to by Galen, who says they enjoyed some reputation, but had many errors in them. (De Natur. Facult. 1.17; De Anal. Admin. 1.3, 4.6, 10, vol. ii. pp. 70, 227, 449, 470; De Usu Part. 5.5, vol. iii. p. 366; Comment. in Hippoer." Epid. VI." 2.36, vol. xvii. pt. i. p. 966; De Muscul. Dissect. vol. xviii. pt. ii. pp. 926, 933.) He also composed a commentary on some of the treatises of the Hippocratic Collection, viz., the Aphorisms (Galen, Comment. in Hippocr. " Aphor." iii. praef. vol. xvii. pt. ii. p. 562), De Morbis Popularibus (id. Comment. in Hi)ppocr. "Epid. III." 1.4, vol. xvii. pt. i. p. 502), and De Humoribus (id. Comment. in Hippocr. " De Humor." 1.24, vol. xvi. p. 197), but is accused by Galen of misunderstanding and misrepresenting the sense of Hippocrates. (De Ord. Libr. suor. vol. xix. pp. 57, 58.) Galen wrote a short treatise in defence of one of the Aphorisms of Hippocrates (1.14, vol. iii. p. 710), directed against Lycus, which is still extant (vol. xviii. pt. i. p. 196, &c.), and in which he seems to treat his adversary with unjustifiable harshness and severity. (See Littré, Oeuvres d'Hippocr. vol. i. pp. 96, 106, 107.) He is quoted also by Paulus Aegineta (5.3, 12, pp. 536, 540), Oribasius (Synops. iii. p. 57, Coll. Med. 9.25, p. 378), and in Dietz's Scholia in Hippocr. et Galen. vol. ii. pp. 344, 356.


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