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*La/nassa), daughter of Agathocles, tyrant of Syracuse, was married to Pyrrhus, king of Epeirus, to whom she brought as her dower the important island of Corcyra, which had been lately acquired by Agathocles. She became the another of two sons, Alexander, the successor of Pyrrhus, and Helenus; but, indignant at finding herself neglected by her husband for his other two wives, who were both of barbarian origin [PYRRHUS], she withdrew to Corcyra, and sent to Demetrius, king of Macedonia, to offer him at once her hand and the possession of the island. Demetrius accepted her proposal, and sailing to Corcyra, celebrated his nuptials with her, left a garrison in the island, and returned to Macedonia. This was shortly before the war that terminated in his final overthrow, probably in 288 B. C. (Plut. Pyrrh. 9, 10; Diod. Exc. Hoesch. xxi. p. 490, xxii. p. 496; Juistin. 23.3.)


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