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4. A daughter of Priam and Hecabe, and the wife of Helicaon. (Hom. Il. 3.123; Paus. 10.26.) According to another tradition, she was the beloved of Acamas, the son of Theseus, who, with Diomedes, went as ambassador to Troy, and by whom she became the mother of Munitus. (Parthen. Erot. 16.) On the death of this son, Laodice, in her grief, leaped down a precipice (Lycoph. 497), or was swallowed up by the earth. (Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 513, 547.) Pausanias (l.c.) saw her represented in the Lesche of Delphi, among the captive Trojan women. Hyginus (Fab.]01) calls her the wife of Telephus.

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