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a celebrated player in the farces called mimes (Dict. of Ant. s. v.) in the reign of Domitian, with whom he was a great favourite, and whom he served as a delator. It seems probable that the Latinus spoken of by Juvenal (1.35, 6.44), was the same person, though the scholiast on Juvenal (ll. cc.) says that this Latinus was put to death by Nero on account of his being privy to the adulteries of Messallina. The Latinus of the time of Domitian is frequently mentioned by Martial, who gives his epitaph (9.29), and speaks of his private character in favourable terms. Latinus frequently acted as mimus in conjunction with Thymele as mima. (Juv. l.c.; Suet. Dom. 15; Mart. 1.5, 2.72, 3.86, 5.61, 9.29.)

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