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5. Daughter of Aristobulus [No. 4] by Berenice, and sister to the infamous Herodias. [See Vol. I. pp. 301, 483.] After the death of Aristobulus, Herod repented of his cruelty and strove to atone for it by kindness to the children of his victim. He betrothed Mariamne, so called after her grandmother [No. 1], to the son of Antipater, his eldest son by Doris; but Antipater prevailed on him to alter this arrangement, and obtained Mariamne in marriage for himself, while his son was united to the daughter of Pheroras, Herod's brother, who in the former arrangement had been assigned to the elder son of Alexander, brother of Aristobulus. It is mere conjecture which would identify this Mariamne with No. 3, supposing her to have married Archelaus after the death of his brother Antipater. (Jos. Ant. 17.1.2, 18.5.4, Bell. Jud. 1.28; Noldius, de Vit. et Gest. Herod. ยง 245.)

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