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1. P. Matienus, a tribune of the soldiers in the army of P. Scipio in Sicily, was sent by Scipio with M. Sergius, another tribune, to Q. Pleminius, who commanded as propraetor in Rhegium, to co-operate with him in taking the town of Locri. After the town had been taken a quarrel arose between the soldiers of the tribunes and those of Pleminius, and in the fight which ensued the latter were defeated. Pleminius enraged commanded the tribunes to be scourged; but they were rescued, after receiving a few blows, by their own soldiers, who, in retaliation, fell upon the propraetor and handled him most unmercifully. Scipio arrived a few days after at Locri, and having investigated the case, he acquitted Pleminius of blame, but ordered the tribunes to be put into chains and sent to Rome to the senate. This, however, did not satisfy Pleminius, who burned for revenge; and, accordingly, no sooner had Scipio returned to Sicily, than he commanded the tribunes to be put to death with the most excruciating tortures, and then would not allow their corpses to be buried. (Liv. 29.6, 9.)

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