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Matthaeus or Matthaeus Panaretus

*Mattai=os), literary and ecclesiastical.

1. ANGELUS, surnamed PANARETUS (Ἄγγελος Παναρέτος), was a Byzantine monk, who held the office of ecclesiastical quaestor, but whose time is very uncertain. Cave, however, thinks him to be identical with the monk Panaretus Protovestiarius, mentioned by Pachymeres (5.17, 21), and who was one of the ecclesiastical ambassadors, whom the emperor Michael VIII. Palaeologus sent in 1273 (74) to pope Gregory X. and the Council of Lyon, for the purpose of effecting a re-union of the Latin and Greek churches.


Works extant in MSS

Matthaeus wrote: These works are extant in MSS.

Further Information

Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. xi. p. 76; Cave, Hist. Liter. Append. p. 174, ed. Geneva.

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