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*Megba/zos), and MEGABY'ZUS (Μεγάβυζος), are Persian names, which are so intermixed by Herodotus, Ctesias, and other writers, as to make it nearly certain that they are only different forms of the same name. Thucydides, however, applies the names respectively to two different persons (1.109); but this is not a certain proof that the names were really different. For a further discussion of the two forms, see Duker and Poppo, ad Thuc. l.c.; Hemsterh. ad Lucian. Tim. 22; Perizon. ad Aelian. V. H. 2.2; Dorvill. ad Charit, p. 472 (pp. 446, 447. orig. ed.) Aeschylus (Aesch. Pers. 22) gives the form Μεγαβάζης, and Xenophon confounds Μεγάβαζος and Μεγαβάτης. [See below, No. 5.]

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