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1. A comic poet of the Middle Comedy, according to Suidas (s. v.) and Athenaeus (vii. p. 329d.). This is also confirmed by the titles of his pieces. Eudocia (p. 303) calls him a poet of the New Comedy. Nothing further is known respecting him. The following plays of his are mentioned:--1. Βούσιρις (Athen. 10.417e.; Suid.). 2. Δύσκολος (Athen. 8.359c.). 3. Ἱπποτρόφος (Suidas and Athen. 7.301,d. 322, e. and ix. p. 402f. where a passage of considerable length is quoted). 4. Φίλιππος. 5. Ἀλκμαίων (D. L. 8.37). The Alcmaeon referred to in this play is supposed by Meineke to have been the Pythagorean philosopher of that name [ALCMAEON], from the tenor of the lines quoted by Diogenes Laertius. 6. Ἰσθμιονίκη (Aelian, Ael. NA 13.4). 7. Φαρμακοπώλη (Schol. Arist. Aves, 471; according to the correction of Menagius on D. L. 2.18.) (Fabric. Bibl. Graec. 2.470; Meineke, Hist. Crit. Com. Graec. p. 423.)

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