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*Monou/nios), a chief of the Illyrian tribe of the Dardanians, whose daughter Etuta was married to the Illyrian king Gentius. (Liv. 44.30; Athen. 10.440a.) The name is corruptly written in our editions of Livy Honunius; in those of Athenaeus, Menunius: the true orthography is learnt only from his coins, from which also it appears that he was master of the important Greek city of Dyrrhachium. (Eckhel, vol. ii. p. 157.) Probably MONIUS, which appears at an earlier period as the name of an Illyrian pince at war with Ptolemy Ceramus (Trog. Pomp. Prolog. xxiv), is only another corruption of the same name, perhaps that of an ancestor of the preceding. (See Droysen, Hellenism. vol. ii. p. 171.)


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