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*Maia/ndrios), an historian (συγγραφεύς), who wrote a work in which mention was made of the Heneti (Strab. xii. p.552). He was also the author of a work entitled παράγγελμα, which is quoted by Athenaeus (x. p. 454b), and which appears to have been a kind of A B C book (comp. Welcker, in Rheinisches Museum for 1833, p. 146). Maeandrius is also referred to by Macrobius (Macr. 1.17). We learn from an inscription, which Böckh places between Olymp. 140 and 155, that this writer was a native of Miletus (Böckh, Corp. Inscr. n. 2905, vol. ii. p. 573). It has been conjectured with considerable probability, that this Maeandrius may be the same as the Leandrius or Leander of Miletus, who was also an historian, and who is mentioned by several ancient writers. [LEANDER.]

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