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*Mu/llos), a comic poet, a contemporary of Epicharmus, who with Euetes and Euxenides revived comedy in Athens at the same time that Epicharmus was labouring in the same direction in Sicily. He appears to have been especially successful in the representation of a deaf man, who, nevertheless, hears every thing; whence arose a proverb, μύλλος πάντ̓ ἀκούει. According to Eustathius he was an actor as well as a dramatist, and still adhered to the old practice of having the faces of his actors besmeared with red-ochre. (Suidas, s. v. Ἐπίχαρμος; Hesychius, vol. ii. p. 632; Eustathius, ad Il. p. 906, 53, ad Od. p. 1885, 21; Meineke, Hist. Crit. Com. Graec. p. 26.)


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