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Nata'lis, Minu'cius

or MINI'CIUS. There is a rescript of Trajan to Minucius Natalis (Dig. 2. tit. 12. s. 9), who was probably a proconsul, and may be the jurist Natalis. In this passage of the Digest his name is written Minitius Natalis. This person appears to have been also consul and augur. The letter of Pliny the Younger to his friend Minucius may probably be addressed to Minucius Fundanus. (Plin. Ep. 7.12.)

The time of the jurist Natalis is determined as prior to that of Salvius Julianus, by the fact that Julianus wrote notes in six books Ad (apud, in) Minitium or Ad Minicium, from which books there are some citations in the Digest (6. tit. 1. s. 61). In one passage, the tenth book of the work, Ad Minitium is cited (Dig. 19. tit. 1. s. 11.15), but as Zimmern suggests, x. is a blunder for v.

Pomponius (Dig. 19. tit. 1. s. 6.4) quotes Minicius as quoting Sabinns.


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