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Νηλεύς or Νείλεος), the younger son of Codrus, disputed the right of his elder brother Medon to the crown on account of his lameness, and when the Delphic oracle declared in favour of Medon, he placed himself at the head of the colonists who migrated to Ionia, and himself founded Miletus. His son Aepytus headed the colonists who settled in Priene. Another son headed a body of settlers who reinforced the inhabitants of Iasus, after they had lost a great number of their citizens in a war with the Carians. (Hdt. 9.97; Paus. 7.2.1, who in the old edition calls him Neileus; Plb. 16.12; Suidas, s. v. Ἰωνία; Strab. xiv. p.633.)


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