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Ὀλυμπικός), sometimes called Olympiacus, but probably incorrectly, a physician of Miletus, who belonged to the sect of the Methodici, though he did not embrace all their doctrines. (Galen, Introd. 100.4, vol. xiv. p. 684.) He was the tutor of Apollonius of Cyprus (Galen, De Meth. Med. 1.7, vol. x. p. 54), and therefore lived in the first century after Christ. Galen does not appear to have thought very highly of him, as he calls him "a frivolous (ληρώδης) person" (Ibid. p. 53), and criticizes severely his definition of the words υγιεία and πάθος. (Ibid. pp. 54, &100.67,&c.)


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