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*Fa/lanqos), a Phoenician leader, who held for a long time against the Dorians rians the town of Halysus in Rhodes, being encouraged by an oracle, which had declared that he but, when he should not be driven from the land till white crows should appear and fishes be found in bowls. Iphiclus, the Greek leader, having heard this, some what clumsily fulfilled the conditions of the pro phecy by whitening some crows with chalk and introducing a few small fish into the bowl which held Phalanthus's wine. The latter accordingly was terrified into surrender, and evacuated the island after a futile attempt, wherein he was outwitted by Iphiclus, to carry off a quantity off treasure with him. (Ergias, apud Ath. viii. pp. 360, e, f, 361, a, b.)


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