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*Fila/retos), the name assigned to the author of a short medical treatise, De Pulsibus, which is sometimes assigned to a physician named Philotheus, and sometimes to Theophilus Protospatharius [THEOPHILUS PROTOSP.], though it should be mentioned that it differs almost entirely from a short Greek work on the same subject, attributed to the last-named author, and lately published by Dr. Ermerins. It is not of much value, and is taken chiefly from Galen's works on the same subject. The author is one of those ancient writers who say the word ἀρτηρία is derived παρὰ τὸ τὸν ἀέρα τηρεῖν (100.4), a derivation, which, in spite of its obvious and barbarous absurdity, continues to be given in many (or perhaps most) medical works, even in the present day (see note to the Oxford edition of Theophilus, De Corp. Hum. Fabr. pp. 296, 297).


Greek Editions

The Greek text has never been published.

Latin Editions

There are two Latin translations : the former of these appeared in the old collection of medical works called Articella; the latter by Albanus Torinus was published in 1535, 8vo. Argent., and in the second volume of H. Stephani Medicae Artis Principes, Paris, fol. 1567.

Philaretus is several times quoted by Rhazes, who attributes to him a work which he calls Liber trium Tractatuum, by which (as Haller conjectures) he may possibly mean the little works, De Urinis, De Excrementis, and De Pulsibus. [THEOPHILUS PROTOSP.]

Further Information

Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. xii. p. 647, ed. vet.; Haller, Bibl. Medic. Pract. vol. i. p. 307 ; Choulant, Hlandb. der Biicherkunde flir die Aeltere Medicin; Ermerins, Preface to his Anecd. Med. Graeca.


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