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2. Of AMPHIPOLIS, a Greek writer of unknown date, remarkable for his obscenity, of which Suidas (s. v. ἀποσιμῶσαι) has given a sufficiently significant specimen. He wrote, according to Suidas (s. r. Φίλιππος) :--1. Ρ̓οδιακὰ βιβλία iq, Rhodiaca Libris XIX., a history of Rhodes, which Suidas especially stigmatizes for the obscenity of its matter. 2. κωανὰ (s. Κωιακἂ, βιβλία β᾽, Coiaca Libris dvolams, a history of the island of Cos. 3. Θυσιακά, De Sacrificiis, or more probably Θασιακά, Thasiaca, a history of Thasos, also in two books. He wrote some other works not enumerated by Suidas. Theodorus Priscianus, an ancient medical writer (Logicus, 100.11), classes Philip of Amphipolis with Herodian and lamblichus the Syrian [IAMBLICHUS, No. 1], as a pleasant writer of amatory tales, whose works tended to allure the mind to the pursuit of pleasure. All his works appear to be lost. (Suidas ll. cc. ; Theodor. Priscian. l.c.; Fabric. BBL. Graec. vol. viii. pp. 159, 160; Vossius, De Hist. Graec. lib. iii.)

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