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12. Of GORTYNA, a Christian writer of the second century. He was bishop of the Church at Gortyna in Crete, and was spoken of in the highest terms by Dionysius of Corinth [DIONYSIUS, literary, No. 22], in a letter to the Church at Gortyna and the other Churches in Crete (apud Euseb. Hist. Eccl. 4.23), as having inspired his flock with manly courage, apparently during the persecution of Marcus Aurelius.


Against Marcion

Philip wrote a book against Marcion [MARCION], which was highly esteemed by the ancients, but is now lost: Trithemius speaks of it as extant in his day, but his exactness as to whether books were in existence or not is not great. He also states that Philip wrote Ad Diversos Epistolae and Varii Tractatus, but these are not mentioned by the ancients.

Further Information

Euseb. Hist. Eccl. 4.21, 23, 25; Hieron. De Viris Illustr. c. 30; Trithem. De Scriptorib. Eccles. 100.19; Cave, Hist. Litt. ad ann. 172, vol. i. p. 74, ed. Oxford, 1740-1743.

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