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2. Of Miletus, an orator or rhetorician, was the disciple of Isocrates, having been previously a noted flute player (Suid. s.v. Dionys. Halic. Ep. ad Amm. p. 120). He wrote a life of the orator Lycurgus, and an epitaph on Lysias; the latter is preserved by the pseudo-Plutarch (Vit. X. Orat. p. 836), and in the Greek Anthology (Brunck, Anal. vol. i. p. 184; Jacobs, Anth. Craec. vol. i. p. 101, vol. xiii. p. 936). Remembering the constant confusion of the names Philiscus and Philistus, we may safely ascribe to this orator the δημηγορίαι, which Suidas mentions among the works of the historian Philistus of Syracuse. (Suid. s. v. Φίλιστος ; it is also to be observed that Suidas, in addition to his article Φίλιστος, gives a life of the Syracusan historian under the head of Φίλισκος Φίλιστος, comp. PHILISTUS). Suidas (s. v. Τίμαιος) states that the historian Timaeus was a disciple of Philiscus of Miletus; another disciple was Neanthes of Cyzicus (Ruhnken, Hist. Crit. Orat. Graec. p. lxxxiii., Opusc. p. 367; Clinton, F. H. vol. iii. p. 25).

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