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*Fi/llis), of Delos, surnamed μουδικός, was a writer on music. (Athen. 1.21f.) Athenaeus quotes two works by him, one entitled Περὶ Αὐλητῶν (xiv. p. 634d), and the other Περὶ Μουσικῆς, which consisted of two books at least (xiv. p. 636b). He is the same person as Phyllis (Φύλλις) μουσικύς, mentioned by the Scholiast on Aristophanes along with Aristoxenus (ad Ran. 1337, ad Vesp. 1231), and as Phylles (Φύλλης) μουσικός, as he is called by Suidas. All the manuscripts of Athenaeus however exhibit the reading Phillis. (See Schweighaüser, ad Athen. xiv. p. 634d.)

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