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6. HERACLEIOTES. Porphyry refers to a work of his, Περὶ θαυμασιῶν. (Stob. >Eclog. Physic. p. 130, ed. 1609.) He is probably the same with the Philon, the first book of whose work is quoted as an authority by Suidas (s.v. Παλαίφατος). This work is there entitled, Περὶ παραδόξου ἱστορία. Some absurdities are quoted by Aelian, from a similar work written by a Philon (H. A. 12.37). We have no means of determining his age, but as he states that Palaephatus was a favourite of Aristotle, he must have lived subsequently to that philosopher. (Snidas. l.c.) To him has been conjecturally referred the work, De Septem Orbis Mliraeulis, described under PHILON OF BYZANTIUM. [No. 2.] (Fabric. Bibl. Graee. vol. iv. p. 233.)

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