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Φίλων), artists.

1. Son of Antipater, a statuary who lived in the time of Alexander the Great, and made the statue of Hephaestion. (Tatian. Orat. adv. Graec. 55, p. 121, ed. Worth). He also made the statue of Zeus Ourios, which stood on the shore of the Black Sea, at the entrance of the Bosporus, near Chalcedon, and formed an important landmark for sailors. It was still perfect in the time of Cicero (in Verr. 4.58), and the base has been preserved to modern times, bearing an inscription of eight elegiac verses, which is printed in the works of Wheeler, Spon, and Chishull, and in the Greek Anthology (Brunck, Anal. vol. iii. p. 192; Jacobs, Anth. Graec. vol. iv. p. 159; comp. Sillig, Catal. Artif. s. v.). Philon is mentioned by Pliny among the statuaries who made athletas et armatos et venatores sacrificanlesue. (H. N. 34.8. s. 19.34).

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