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1. A physician of Catana in Sicily, the tutor of Paccius Antiochus (Scribon. Larg. De Compos. Medicare. 23.97. p. 209; Marcell. Empir. De Medicam. 100.20, p. 324), who lived about the beginning of the Christian era. He is probably the physician who is quoted by Dioscorides, and said by him to have been a native of Enna in Sicily (De Mat Med. 4.148, vol. i. p. 629); by Erotianus (Lex. Hrppocr. p. 144); and also by Galen, who refers to his eighteenth book, Περὶ Ἰατρικῆς, De Medicina. (De Differ. Puls. 4.10, vol. viii. p. 748.)

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