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2. A physician of Dyrrachium in Illyricum, who was a pupil of Asclepiades of Bithynia in the first century B. C., practised in his own country with some reputation, and wrote as many as five and forty books. (Steph. Byz. s. v. Δυρράχιον.

One of these physicians (for, though they were probably contemporaries, there is no reason for supposing them to have been the same individual) wrote a work, Περὶ μύρων καὶ Στεφάνων, De Unguentis et Coronis, which is quoted by Athenaeus (15.17, 18, 45, pp. 675, 676, 691), and one on Pharmacy quoted by Andromachus (ap. Gal. De Compos. Aledicam. sec. Gen. 8.7, vol. xiii. p. 978), and by Marcellus Empiricus (De Medicam. 100.29, p. 380).


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