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Παλαμήδης), a Greek grammarian, was a contemporary of Athenaeus, who introduces him as one of the speakers in his work. Suidas says, that he wrote Κωμικὴν καὶ τραγικὴν λέξιν, ὀνοματολόγον, and a commentary on Pindar. Suidas gives him the epithet ἐλεάτης, and Athenaeus terms him ἐλεατικός. He was also called ὀνοματολόγος, that is, "a collector of words," probably because he gave in his writings an explanation of the difficult words in the tragic and comic poets. The passage in Suidas, in which he is said to have written a work called by his name, is probably corrupt. (Suidas, s. v. Παλαμήδης ; Athen. 9.397., a; Etym. M. s. v. Ἀρμάτειον μέλος, where for Παλαμήδης ἱστορικός we ought perhaps to read Παλαμήδης Ἐλεατικός ; Schol. ad Apoll. Rhod. 1.704, 3.107, 4.1563 ; Schol. ad Arist. Vesp. 708, 1103, 1117, Pac. 916 ; Hemster. ad Arist. Plut. p. 98.)

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