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Πλειστόνικος), or PLEISTONI'CUS, an ancient Greek physician, a pupil of Praxagoras (Cels. De Med. i. praef. p. 6), who therefore lived probably in the fourth and third centuries B. C. He appears to have written a work on Anatomy (Galen, Comment. in Hippocr. "De Nat. Hom." 2.6, vol. xv. p. 136), which is several times mentioned by Galen (De A tra Bile, 100.1, vol. v. p. 104; De Meth. Med. 1.3, 2.5, 4.4, vol. x. pp. 28, 110, 260; De Venae Sect. adv. Erasisir. cc. 5, 6, vol. xi. pp. 163, 169; De Simplic. Medicam. Temper. ac Facult. vi. prooem. vol. xi. p. 795; Comment. in Iippocr. "Epid. VI." 3.12, vol. xvii. pt. ii. p. 29; Ad. Julian. 100.5, vol. xviii. pt. i. p. 270), who calls him one of the most eminent physicians of his time (De Hippocr. et Plat. Deer. 8.5, vol. v. p. 685). He is quoted also by Pliny (Plin. Nat. 20.13, 48), Athenaeus (Deipn. 2.23, p. 45), Oribasius (Coll. Medic. 7.27, p. 332), and Gariopontus (De Febr. 100.7). None of his writings are now extant.


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