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*Polu/kleitos), literary.

1. Of Larissa, a Greek historian, and one of the numerous writers of the history of Alexander the Great. Athenaeus quotes from the eighth book of his histories (xii. p. 539a.); and there are several other quotations from him in Strabo (xi. p.509d., xv. pp. 728, a. d., 735, a., 16.742, a.), and other writers (Plut. Alex. 46; Ael. NA 16.41). There are some other passages in which the name of Polycleitus is erroneously put for that of Polycritus of Mende (Diod. 13.83; Ath. v. p. 206e.; Plin. Nat. 31.2. s. 4.) He may, perhaps, have been the same person as Polycleitus of Larissa, the father of Olympias, mother of Antigonus Doson. Most of the extracts from his histories refer to the geography of the countries which Alexander invaded. They are collected, with a notice of the author, by C. Müller, in his Scriptores Rerum Alexandri Magni, (pp. 129-133), in Didot's Scriptorums Graecorum Bibliotheca, Paris, 1846. (See also Vossius, de Hist. Graec. p. 489, ed. Westermann; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. iii. p. 49.)

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