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Praetexta'tus, Ve'ttius Ago'rius

a senator of distinguished ability and uncorrupted morals, was proconsul of Achaia in the reign of Julian, Praefectus Urbi under Valentinian I., and Praefectus Praetorio under Theodosius. He died in the possession of the last office, when he was consul elect. (Amm. Marc. 22.7, 27.9, 28.1; Zosim. 4.3; Symmach. Ep. 10.26; Valesius, ad Amm. Mare. 22.7.) It was at the house of this Vettius Praetextatus that Macrobius supposes the conversation to have taken place, which he has recorded in his Saturnalia. [See Vol. II. p. 888.]

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