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*Pro/klos), a physician, probably a native of Rhegium 1, among the Bruttii in Italy. He belonged to the medical sect of the Methodici (Galen, De Meth. Med. 1.7, vol. x. p. 52, Introd. 100.4, vol. xiv. p. 684), and must have lived about the end of the first century after Christ, as he was junior to Thessalus, and senior to Galen. He is no doubt the same physician who is called Proculus in our present editions of Caelius Aurelianus (De Morb. Chron. iii 8, p. 469), where he is said to have been one of the followers of Themison, and his opinion on the different kinds of dropsy is quoted. He may also be the same person whose remedy for the gout and sciatica is mentioned by Paulus Aegineta (3.77, 7.11, pp. 492, 661) and Joannes Actuarius.

Further Information

De Meth. Med. 5.6, p. 265.


1 * That is, if in Galen, De Meth. Med. 7, vol. x. p. 52, we read τοῦ Ῥηγίνου instead of καὶ Ῥηγίνου, an alteration which is not unlikely to be a sound one, as the name of Rheginus applied to a physician is probably not to be found elsewhere.

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