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*Pro/klos), one of the eminent artists in mosaic who flourished in the Augustan age. His name occurs on two inscriptions found at Perinthus, from one of which we learn that he adorned the temple of Fortune in that city, and that the Alexandrian merchants, who frequented the city, erected a statue in honour of him. The second inscription is the epitaph of a mosaic artist, who is said in it to have left a son, his associate and equal in the art; from which it would seem probable that both father and son were named Proclus. The second inscription, as restored, runs thus :--

Πάσαις ἐν πολίεσσι τέχνην ἤσκησα πρὸ πάντων
ψηφοδέτας, δώροις Παλλάδος εὑράμενος,
υἷα λιπὼν βουλῆς σύνεδρον Πρόκλον ἰσότεχνόν μοι
ὀγδωκοντούτης τοῦδε τάφοιο λαχών.

(Böckh. Corp. Inscr. vol. ii. p. 68. n. 2024. 2025 Welcker, in the Rhein. Mus. 1833, vol. i. p. 289 ; R. Rochette, Lettre à M. Schorn, p. 393.)


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