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Pro'culus, Scribo'nius

2. The brother of Scribonius Rufus. These brothers were distinguished by their wealth ald their friendship for one another, and had governed the two Germanies at the same time. Havingbeenl summoned by Nero to Greece, they were accused on their arrival, and, as no opportunity was afforded them of clearing themselves of the charges brought against them, they put an end to their own lives (D. C. 63.17). It is of these two brothers, Scribonius Proculus and Scribonius Rufus, that Tacitus speaks, calling them simply "Scribonii fratres." We learn from him that Pactius Africanus was supposed to have denounced them to Nero (Tac. Ann. 13.48, Hist. 4.41). These brothers were probably the sons of the preceding Scribonius Proculus. (See Reimarus, ad Dio Cass. l.c.

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