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Rufus, Anto'nius

the name of a Latin grammarian, quoted by Quintilian (1.5.43) and Velius Longus (p. 2237, ed. Putsch.). The Scholiast Cruquianus (ad Hor. Ar. Poet. 288) speaks of an Antonius Rufus who wrote plays both praetextatae and togatae, but whether he is the same as the grammarian, must be left uncertain. Glandorp, in his Onomasticon (p. 99), states on the authority of Acron that Antonius Rufus translated both Homer and Pindar, but there is no passage in Acron in which the name of Antonius Rufus occurs. Glandorp probably had in his mind the statement of the Scholiast on Horace already referred to. and connected it with a line in Ovid (ex Pont. 4.16. 28), in which Rufus is spoken of as a lyric poet; but who this Rufus was, whether the same as Antonius Rufus or not, cannot be determined. (Wernsdorf, Poetae Latini Minores. vol. iii. p. 30, vol. iv. p. 585.)

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