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*Sh=mos), a Greek grammarian of uncertain date.

Suidas calls him an Elean, but it appears from Athenaeus (iii. p. 123d.) that this is a mistake, and that he was a native of Delos.


Semus wrote, according to Suidas (s. v.), eight books on Delos, two books of περίοδοι, one on Paros, one on Pergamus, and a work on Paeans.

On Delos
(Δηλιακά or Δηλιάς

His work on Delos (Δηλιακά or Δηλιάς) was the most important, and is frequently referred to by Athenaeus, and once or twice by other writers (Athen. 3.109f., iv. p. 173e., viii. pp. 331, f., 335, a., xi. p. 469c., xiv. pp. 614, a., 637, b., 645, b., xv. p. 676f.; Steph. Byz. s. v. Τέγυρα; Etym. Magn. s. v. Βίβλινος).

On Paeans

Athenaeus also quotes (xiv. pp. 611, d., 622, a--d.) his work on Paeans (περὶ παιἁνων).

On Islands

We likewise find in Athenaeus (iii. p. 123d.), a reference to a work of Semus on Islands (Νησιάς), but it has been suggested with much probability that this is a false reading for Δηλιάς.

Further Information

Vossius, De Histor. Graecis, p. 497, ed. Westermann.

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