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a grammarian of uncertain date, but later than the fourth century. By some scholars this Sergius is supposed to be the same person with Servius Maurus Honoratus, the celebrated commentator on Virgil.; but there is still extant (pp. 1779-1799, ed. Putsch.) a commentary by Servius upon the second edition of Donatus altogether different from that which bears the name of Sergius.


He is the author of two tracts.

The first is entitled In primam Donati Editionem Commentarium [see DONATUS].


This appears under its best form in the " Analecta Grammatica" of Endlicher.

The second is In secundam Donati Editionem Commentaria.


Endlicher has also printed from a Bobbio MS., now at Vienna, a fragment of Sergius, de Arte Grammatica.


The two main works were first published in the collection of minor grammarians, printed at Milan, fol. 1504, and will both be found in the "Grammaticae Latinae auctores antique" of Putschius (4to. Hannov. 1605, pp. 1816-1838).


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