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2. It was probably a different writer from the last who is quoted several times by Athenaeus and others as the author of a work on foreign words (γλῶσσαι). Athenaeus mentions him frequently along with Cleitarchus. (Athen. xi. pp. 468, a. 475, d. 478, e. 482, f. xiv. p. 644f., &c. ; comp. Schol. ad Apoll. Rhod. 1.1299; Eustath. ad Od. 7.102, p. 1571.) Silenus also compiled a collection of fabulous histories. (Tzetzes in Lycophr. 786; Schol. Hom. Od. 1.75, where he is called a Chian, as he is also by Eustathius, ad Od. 19.407, p. 11871, and Eudocia, pp. 43, 312, 394 ; Vossius, de Hist. Graecis, p. 498, ed. Westermann.)


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