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20. SOPHISTA. Aristophanes (Nubes, 350) has adverted to Simon as guilty of robbing the public treasury, but without mentioning of what city. According to Eupolis (Apud Scholiast. in Aristophan. l.c.) he robbed the treasury of the city of Heraclaea. The rapacity thus held up by two of the great comic dramatists of Athens passed into a proverb, Σίμωνος ἁρπακτικώτερος. Suidas, who gives the proverb (s. v. Σίμων adds the information that Simon was a sophist, and the Scholiast on Aristophanes (Nubes, l.c.) adds that he was one of the persons then conspicuous in political affairs (τῶν ἐν πολιτείᾳ διαπρεπόντων τότε), we may presume at Athens. Aristophanes also brands Simon, apparently the same person, as guilty of perjury (Nubes, 398). (Allatius, De Simeonibus, pp. 196, 197; Fabric. Bibl. Graec. vol. xi. p. 301.)

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