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Sophia'nus NICOLAUS

2. NICOLAUS. Raphael Volaterranus (Commentar. Urban. Lib. xxi.) mentions among the eminent persons of a then recent period, Sophianus, a Greek, who had taught Greek at Rome, but had not much cultivated an acquaintance with Latin. This notice would rather lead us to identify him with the Michael Sophianus just mentioned. [No. 1.]


Map of Ancient Greece

Vossius (De Natura Artium, lib. ii. seu De Philologia, c. 11.21; Lib. iii. seu De Mathaesi seu De Scientiis Mathematicis, c. 68.14) identifies him with Nicolaus Sophianus, a Greek of Corfu, who drew a map of ancient Greece, which was published, and had its value at the time, though partaking considerably of the imperfection of the geographical science of that day.

Greek Grammatical Work

Montfaucon (l.c. p. 187) mentions among the MSS. of the Library of Card. Ottoboni at Rome Nicolai Sophiani Grammatica, apparently a Greek grammar, and in the Library of St. Mark at Venice there is a treatise in Greek by Sophianus, τοῦ Σοφιανοῦ De Syntaxi, cod. ccccxcii.

A Greek treatise by Nicolaus Sophianus, De Praeparatione1 et Usu Astrolabii, extant in MS. in various Libraries (Montfaucon, l.c. pp. 632, 741, 1289, Biblioth. Reg. Paris. Catal. Fol. 1740. Codd. mmcdxcix. and mmdcclxxxii. A.). must be ascribed to a later Sophianus who lived in the sixteenth century, as appears by its dedication to Pope Paul III.

The similarity of the subject would lead us to ascribe the map of Greece to this later Sophianus, were it not for the assertion of Vossius.

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