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and ZENON, of Soli, statuaries, known by an inscription found at Lindos as having made one of the bronze statues of the ἱεραγεύσαντες of Athena Lindia and Zeus Polieus. There is some doubt as to the meaning of the term ἱερατεύσαντες. Ross translates it priests, R. Rochette understands it as equivalent to the sacrificantes of Pliny (Plin. Nat. 34.8. s. 19.34), and Welcker translates it ex-priests. (Ross, Rhein. Mus. 1846-1847, vol. iv. p. 168; Welcker, Rhein. Mus. 1848-1849, vol. vi. pp. 382, 385.)


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